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Loreen Ling – A woman who looks ordinary but perform extraordinary to change her life and help the society. She is the founder of Beauty Queen Group (BeQ) which established on April 2017 that promoting beauty and wellness career. She achieved many excellent award throughout her career such as “Best Overseas Partner Award of the Year” on 2018 and “The Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 by Asia Excellent Entrepreneur Federation (AEEF)” on 2019. She has been interviewed by several well-known mass media which included “Jin Re Tou Tiao” and Top Corporate Media Magazine. She always show her optimistic attitude to the audience but who knows she also have her tough and challenging story behind?


Loreen is not born from a rich family. She went through the difficulty period which her father lost his job at the same time her mother need fund for operation to cure disease when she was just 10. However, the difficulty motivate Loreen to strike for a better future, she insist to finish her secondary study and work as a part timer during that period and thanks God she achieve a good result at the end. When the time she was 10, her ambitious was to be a career woman so that she can protect her family and prove to everyone woman can also be excellent in everything.


Loreen had her first physical clothing store at the age of 23 and expand to a shop after that. Unfortunately, the surge of online business trend prompt her physical business suffered a disastrous decline.  All the ups and downs didn’t stop Loreen to keep moving. At 2016, she get involved in online business. She can see the future of online business. She realised this platform would be her life turning point. Of course, it is not easy to operate an online business as there are so much burdensome oversea procedure. She decided to create her own brand so that she able to unleash her inner potential and stick to her own direction.

And now, she is the founder of Beauty Queen Group (BeQ) and always take good care of her worker to let them know this company is worth for them to fight for.